Snapchat is a social media platform created for sending photos, videos, and text messages that disappear in seconds. There are several different features such as Stories (photos or videos that can be viewed for 24 hours before disappearing), Memories (saved photos and videos for viewing and sharing in the future), and filters, lenses, and stickers to give your posts and messages some fun flair!

Snapchat isn’t like any other social media platform out there. It’s all about real-time videos, personal messaging, doodles and emojis, and quirky, fun content. The content there is full of personality and is rawer, versus being buttoned-up and refined.

So, you’ll have to approach your strategy a little differently than other social media platforms. Brand messaging that is TOO professional or salesy will be seen as boring and not engaging. you’ll need to think outside of the box and have some fun with the content you share.